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John Maxwell

20/30 Rule

I recommend you follow the 20/30 Rule. The 20/30 Rule is 20 Closable Prospects every 30 days. I wish I could tell you I invented this formula or where I first learned of it. The best of the best Professional Sales people realize:

  • 5 Move to Next Month
  • 5 Do Nothing at All
  • 5 You Will LOSE...No Matter How Good You Are.
  • 5 You Will Win…Even if You are an Average Closer.

In my opinion, it is ONLY with this formula that you will gain the Courage needed to FIRE A PROSPECT. It is through this formula that you will be able to WALK from the Price Buyers (or develop skills to close them quicker) and spend more of your time with the Value Buyers.

Ultimately, as stated in The Art of Professional Prospecting, every sales field has it’s time proven numbers (of how many) prospects are needed in order to Close and Achieve your budgets, quotas or income goals. And it is within these formulas that you can learn when to FIRE A PROSPECT.