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To collaborate with our clients, raise expectations and improve upon present results.

Alicia Villarreal

Dr. Alicia Villarreal

As a PhD in Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, I am privileged to have the opportunity of positively impacting the professional lives of senior leadership and the organizations under their responsibility.

In order to help our clients succeed at multiple performance measurements, BAABCO Consulting Services strategies vary by each coaching project based on the desired results for improvements. These client sectors include Corporate America, Education and Government.

Within every client relationship, we support and respectfully challenge leadership to reach and exceed their vision of a culture which embraces their specific core values, simultaneous with incorporating the necessary pillars of accountability, effectiveness, communication, mentoring, influence and loyalty.

Specifically, at BAABCO Consulting Services, we serve at the pleasure of our esteemed clients in order to help them positively shift culture mindsets at all levels of the organization. Simply said, when leadership invests in a sustainable yet forward moving journey of professional development for themselves and their staff, this results in a workplace where all enterprise members feel better about their purpose, their work environment and the forward vision of the organization.

In conclusion, upon an organization reaching their pivotal desired levels, the present challenges they encounter with collaboration, conflict resolution, turn over and teamwork, show noticeable improvement.

Burt Villarreal

Burt Villarreal

As a successful business man residing in San Antonio Texas, Burt has served in membership on the elite Sales Advisory Council, a leadership role in which members are elected by their company peers. Additionally, he has earned a position in the prestigious President’s Club a multitude of times. In his early years of consulting, Burt was awarded Rookie of the Year and Sales Consultant of the Year. Further, his continued cardinal performances earned him District Manager of the Year, and Gold Profit Performer of the Year. Throughout his career, Burt has received a total of four coveted company Achievement Rings from various sales-driven organizations. He has also reached great heights outside of the sales world, including becoming a highly successful Real Estate Investor. Recently, he continued to expand his horizon of success and share it with many others by creating the AskBurttm Mobile App and website, . He has also published two books, entitled The Art of Professional Prospecting and The 52 Strategic Words. These books have become well-known, essential guides to expanding one’s own professional sales and leadership careers. The 52 Strategic Words, co-authored with Dr. Alicia Villarreal, is scheduled to be released in mid 2020.

Burt has funded over one billion dollars in technology transactions and remains a leader among leaders in the very competitive financial industry. He often travels to share his personal sales acumen in workshops with his own published handbook, The Art of Professional Prospecting. He is happily married to his wife of 30 years, Dr. Alicia Villarreal, and together they have two children as well as four grandchildren.