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John Maxwell

Leadership and Accountability

Accountability...a word which is often present in an organization’s core values, mission statements, value propositions, meeting discussions and sadly, employee termination records.
Clearly, depending on the narrative before or after, the word Accountability can impact an organization and it’s members positively, as well as negatively.
Leader, the purpose of today’s leadership moment, is to have resonate with you that;
People will often win or fail their circumstances depending on whether they do or do not bring themselves to accept the Accountable side of their story. (Connor, Smith, Hickman 2015).
Ask Yourself:

  1. What might be the current Accountability issues my team is facing, as a result of one or a few members?
  2. How am I addressing the Accountability gaps HEAD ON, in order to avoid the consequential costs of members currently not on the favorable side of Accountability?