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John Maxwell

Ten By Ten Survey

Sales Warrior,
Thank you for your undivided attention during the AOPP training today. We firmly believe Your success is Our success. Please invest a few minutes to provide us Your essential and anonymous feedback. We are truly excited to have the opportunity to contribute in Your professional development.

Please rate each of the following on relevance to Your success. 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

Mental workout questions, To the point message, Motivation, Daily goal setting, Looking the part, Owning my franchise, Ready Aim Fire.

Truth in numbers, Over coming Fear, the 30 day Pipeline, Scheduling well in advance, reaching My 6 Figure income, time and task management.

Preparation and Focus for my next appointment, Videos, BURTISMS, Tracker, Instant contact to Burt, Categories on: Prospecting, Value over Price, Over coming objections, Building lasting Relationships and Closing the sale.

Logging in, Navigation, Search feature, ebooks, Accountability Tracker.

New priorities to My 30 Day Pipeline, income growth, Balanced Activity, Hunting over Farming, Over coming Fear and Procrastination, Positive Motivation, elevated Skill Sets.

The 7 Components, Ten by Ten form, graph illustration, Warrior Assessment form.