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John Maxwell


Alicia, thank you for today’s PD. It was on target and just what the doctor ordered!

Susan D.
Public School District

The AskBurt Sales app is so easy to use, as it classifies the various scenarios you may have questions about, and provides a solid answer or talk-track for you to use. I visualize this being used right before a sales call, perhaps if you are going it alone, and or cannot reach your manager for direction.

Joe S.
Sales Team Lead

Jane, regarding Alicia and Burt, I am certain you will experience their professional services as an essential component to your leadership growth.

Michael T.
Chief Information Officer

Alicia, the Leadership Moments questions on Listening were especially relavent to me this morning. I intend on incorporating them with my supervisors at this week’s meeting.

Tricia V.
Business Unit Manager

We moved the needle today. You challenged us. Thank you!

Barbara F.
Public School District

Your strategies are simple, sensible and vital for our new hires to embrace and make it part of their sales day DNA.

Steve L.
Vice President of Business Development

The senior leadership sees the difference every time you share your wisdom with our managers.

Carlos G.

It only takes a spark to ignite a sales career, The Art of Professional Prospecting is full of them. Can you find the one that will transform your potential?

Bill P.

Thank you so much for peeling the many layers on our data. You are the IT Factor!

Christine D.
Public School District

I sincerely thank you for sharing your wonderful recommendations to help our reps achieve greater success in closing deals.

We’ve implemented your ten by ten strategy, and we’ve quickly seen our sales pipelines increase significantly! It’s important to have a solid structure, and with the tools that you’ve provided, we’re now able to leverage our sales abilities and work more efficiently. Thank you for all that you do!

Raj P.
Senior Document Management Specialist

Thank you. You are amazing! I have learned so much from you. We are beyond thankful.

Kristine S.
Government a senior sales rep I firmly believe in Burt’s 10 by 10. It gives me daily structure for prospecting. It keeps my pipeline healthy while managing my existing accounts and doesn’t let me “forget” to prospect. I recommend this strategy to any senior rep or rookie trying to build his business.

Colin W.
Senior Sales Consultant

It’s evident that the fruits of your labor helped create a much needed shift this week... grade 5 and 6 classrooms looked GOOD and grade 3 classrooms looked great! Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public School District

I’m so grateful to work with an organization that invests in their managers to help us become better at what we are tasked to do.

Tommy B.

Burt, thank you for the feedback from our one on one last week. We had a good session today with Dr. Alicia.

Aron F.